Notebook Computer Skin, Fits Most Widescreens Up to 17 in., Van Gogh, The Starry Night


Fine art gives a notebook computer a great, new look.

A MANHATTAN Notebook Computer Skin inspired by famous artists including Van Gogh and Monet can put a new perspective on mobile computing. These high-resolution, limited-edition designs printed on durable polypropylene material help protect newer computers from minor daily hazards and refresh those with minor scratches and abrasions. Each MANHATTAN Notebook Computer Skin includes a special grid to help accurately fit, precisely trim and easily apply the image to most widescreen computers up to 17″. Quickly remove or replace with a new MANHATTAN Notebook Computer Skin without PC damage or permanent residue to reflect a workspace, mood or venue.

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– Vivid, full-color fine art design customizes notebook computer appearance – Protects newer exteriors from dust, scratches and abrasions – Ideal for updating notebook computers with minor cosmetic damage – Imprinted rear pattern helps position and trim image for accurate fit – Simple to apply ‰ÛÓ easily removed without harming PC

-Materials: polypropylene -Dimensions: 250 x 375 mm (9.8 x 14.7 in.) -Weight: 62 g (2.2 oz.) Package contents: -Notebook Computer Skin Installation hint: Some notebook computer exteriors feature beveled edges, rounded corners other special design characteristics that may affect full adhesion and a flat, secure installation. Consider deducting up to 2 cm (0.75 in.) from dimensions when trimming the product to compensate for these elements. Before removing the backing and applying the product, test the fit and make any necessary adjustments prior to final installation.

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