CPU Thermal Grease, 1.5 g (0.5 oz.)


Helps a processor keep its cool.

Manhattan CPU Thermal Grease helps create maximum surface-to-surface conductivity between a microprocessor and the CPU cooler heat sink to reduce overheating risks. Specially formulated to reliably and easily fill manufacturing imperfections in the wafer and heat sink surfaces, Manhattan CPU Thermal Grease closes critical gaps that can reduce cooling effectiveness and increase possible failure.

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– Increases thermal conductivity between CPU and heat sink – Helps dissipate damaging heat to prolong CPU life – Syringe dispenser with resealable cap for precise and easy application

General -Color: Gray -Thermal conductivity: >0.965 W/M-K -Thermal impedance: <0.255 å¡C-IN2/W -Specific gravity: >2.3 -Evaporation: <0.001% -Bleed: <0.05% -Dielectric constant A: >5.1 -Thixotropic index: 380 å±10 1/10 mm -Operating temperature: -30 ~ 180å¡ C Physical -Syringe dispenser with resealable cap -1.5 g (0.5 oz.) Composition -Silicone compounds, 50% -Carbon compounds, 20% -Metal oxide compounds, 30% Package contents: -CPU Thermal Grease

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