SoundPOP Earphone Countertop Display/Dispenser, Assembled Countertop Display, Includes 40 Individually Packaged Earphones


The Manhattan SoundPOP Earphone Countertop Display/Dispenser includes 40 individually packaged earphones in four vibrant color combinations: teal and yellow, blue and orange, pink and fuchsia, and black and green. The earphones come with in-ear cushions in three sizes (small, medium and large).

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– Fully assembled countertop display/dispenser with 40 individually packaged earphones – Durable cardboard construction makes this unit ideal for retail use – Vivid colors and eye-catching graphics entice and inform shoppers – Earphones come in 4 color combinations (10 teal/blue, 10 blue/orange, 10 pink/fuchsia, 10 black/green) – Plastic earphone housings with silicone in-ear cushions – Two-Year Warranty on earphones

Countertop Display -Fully assembled corrugated cardboard display -40 individually packaged earphones (x10 teal/blue, x10 blue/orange, x10 pink/fuchsia, x10 black/green) Earphones -Driver: 10 mm -Impedance: 32 ë© (å±15%) -SPL: 108 å± 3dB (94 dB) at 1 kHz -Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz -Power rating: 3-5 mW -Cable length: 100 cm (39.37 in.)

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