Wireless Gesture Touch Mouse


Gesture control with the Wireless Gesture Mouse allows users to speed up and optimise day-to-day actions in Browsers and folders. Navigation is simplified by providing quicker access to opened folders and by toggling between windows.


Special features for different operating systems:

  • Windows 7: Quick access to Windows-Aero-Flip to toggle between opened windows
  • Windows 8: Quick access to the Windows Home screen, Windows charms bar and the vertical bar to toggle between windows.
  • Mac OS: Show opened windows, zoom in


Additional product information:

  • Resolution: 800 dpi
  • 2 physical buttons (right and left), visual scroll wheel, visual tab button and Touch Gesture Spot
  • Plug & Play
  • Range up to 8m
  • Off button, switch between Windows and Mac
  • Power supply via 2 batteries, type AAA (supplied)
  • 2.4 GHz wireless technology
  • Compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac OS X



Explanations about gesture control:

This mouse does not have a scroll wheel. Instead it has a sensor touch pad.

The Touch Gesture Spot is at the front of the pad.

To use gesture control, place a finger on the spot and move the mouse. Some gestures work a little differently in Windows 8, 7 and XP and Mac OS when adjusted to that operating system.

The following functions are available using gestures: Forward & back Browser function, move between Browser tabs, Windows button, Charms-Bar, tile view, Windows Aero Flip, quick scrolling, zoom in/out, etc.


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  • Touch Gesture spot for innovative gesture-based control*
  • Convenient to use thanks to slim, elegant design
  • Supports up to five different gestures (supported by Windows XP, 7 and 8 and Mac OS)
  • Integrated switch to switch between Mac and Windows
  • Comes with nano receiver


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